Order Behind Chaos

Order Behind Chaos

Enjoy this original video by “OK Go” and watch the order behind chaos. One event triggers another event and another event and so on until the end. And there is so much fun all the time! Isn’t the same applicable for the world we live in? May be there is a hidden order behind the chaos in our lives too – something that is like a master Plan and is taking place even if we don’t see it and we don’t know what or why? Feel the joy and the fun because this too shall pass:

“There is a plan in the Mother’s deep world-whim,

A purpose in her vast and random game.

This ever she meant since the first dawn of life,

This constant will she covered with her sport,

To evoke a Person in the impersonal Void,

With the Truth-Light strike earth’s massive roots of trance,

Wake a dumb self in the inconscient depths

And raise a lost Power from its python sleep

That the eyes of the Timeless might look out from Time

And the world manifest the unveiled Divine.”

(Sri Aurobindo, “Savitri”, p.  72-73)

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