Seven Important Things About Money

Seven Important Things About Money

“Money” by lilbeaver


We use money in our daily life. Sometimes we complain about it, sometimes we are happy but rarely we think of its nature. Here are seven important things about money we rarely think of:


1. Money is a force

Money is a vital-physical force and it is indispensable for the material creation in the world of humans. This force does not exist in the animal kingdom because it requires certain type of awareness and the intention to consciously create something out of the natural resources on Earth. Animals do not have that type of awareness and conscious intention. To be more exact, the money-force exist in the animal kingdom but subconsciously and not in the form as humans use it.

Money is not the banknotes you have in your wallet, not even the gold in the safety vaults, it is the purchasing power behind. This force may become stronger or weaker which makes the banknote more or less valuable. You exercise that power only when you buy something with the money you have, not when you keep it. If you only keep you possess only the potential of that power.


2. Money, being a force, is liquid

Yes, it is liquid just as the water. Unlike purely material forces like gravity, electricity etc money needs human vessels in order to flow and to operate – a labour force, an executive individual. We humans become its vessels when we are economically busy.

Being liquid, money, of course, wants to flow. If it does not flow it gradually looses its power. That is why it is not a good idea to “freeze” money for long periods of time. Better spend it (wisely).


3. Money is impersonal

Money needs humans in order to manifest but it is an impersonal force by itself. Today it is with you, tomorrow with somebody else or the opposite. The topic about the impersonality of forces is a very important one that needs a separate post but let me just say here that people are attracted or repelled not because of you but because of the forces you are vessel of, and money is one of them. That is why when a rich man or woman looses money many of his/her “friends” leave too.


4. Money is non-transparent

Money prefers to work in secret and most often it remains hidden. The natural place of money is a dark, hidden and non-transparent place like safety vaults, strong-boxes, safe-deposit boxes etc. People instinctively wants to keep in secret that aspect of their life because they assume that quality of the money-force. That is why a company’s employees do not know each other’s salaries. Sometimes even intimate partners do not share with each other how much they earn.

Public finances are probably the only area when money are more exposed but even there not completely.


5. Money is conservative and rigid

They are conservative and rigid just like the places they are kept. By conservative I mean that people prefer not to take risks with their money or, if they do, they take only small or moderate risks. This is because money are related with the survival instinct and here we go to the next aspect:


6. Money = survival (in the human world)

Since money is a vital-physical force, they assume some of the qualities of life one of which is self-preservation and survival. People are consciously or subconsciously aware that when they have more money they feel secured and calm because they have higher chances not only to live better but to survive better. Here lies the fundamental reason why women are looking for rich men and men are looking for rich women. Of course, this is applicable for the human world only. If you go to live in the jungle alone money is useless there.

But if money means higher chances of survival why rich people often need additional security? Because


7. Money is power

Money is not only a purchasing power, it is a power to influence and reshape the world in the way you want it. More money = more power. After certain level the attraction of money-power becomes stronger and more important than the moral force of the individual. This level is different for each person and very few are those that can entirely escape its pull. “What one cannot buy with money one can buy it with a lot of money.”


Image: “Money” by lilbeaver
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